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Places that I visited:

Chugach State Park

Kenai Fjords National Park




Nikolaevsk (Russian village)


Trapper Creek

Mountains in Alaska


Alaska is situated in the northwest of America continent. Is the largest state of United States.
Alaska is an incredible place where you can see all kind of wildlife, but you have to have in your mind that the weather in general is very cold.

Alaska was a Russian terretory before, but in 1867 was buy for United States.

The level of live in Alaska is really hight so it is something you should have in your mind if you are going to travel there, because, the host, food, gas, rent a car, absoluty everything is much more expensive than in the rest of the United States.

You also shoul to know that the best season to travel to Alaska is from May to September, because the rest of the year is so freezing, and the roads will be close.

There are only roads mainly in the south, so if you want to go to the north you have to fly or rent a special car, which is about almost 400$ per day, so will be better to get a plane.

Some of the wildlife that you can see in Alaska without difficulty:

Moose alaska wildlife animal photosalsakp
Dall Sheep wildlife pictures fotos walilad
Orcas alaska wildlife pictures fhotosalak
Seals alaska wildlife pictures fhotos fakr
Bison alaska wildlife pictures fhotosalak
Sea Otter alaska wildlife pictures fhotos fakr
Bear alaska wildlife pictures fhotosalak
Salmonalaska wildlife pictures fhotos fakr
Sea Lions

Alaska political Map:

Alaska location map:

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July 2008

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