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Alaska is bear land, but is not easy to see them close or to take good pictures of them if you don't have a good camera or you are lucky as we were. We only could see the two bear so close, although we saw at least eigth more bears, we saw those much farther than these.

If you want to see the bear very close, as in the pictures, the best option is go to the Ketmai National Park. The best option to go to Ketmai is from Homer, where you can check this places to go there.


The bear can weight around 300 kg, 600 pound and the double size in Ketmai National Park because they can get salmons easily than anywhere.

Bear walking in the river shore bear viewing alaska free Mountains behind the bear

Bear relaxing in the grass bear viewing in Alaska free Bears figthing

Mountains behind the bear alaska travel homer seward Bears theeth

Bear crossing the river bears in Denali national park alaska Bears figthing in the river

Bear eating a salmon see bear in kenai peninsula seward Bears playing in the water

Bear looking at me alasla bear bears view homer seward Bears playing in the water

Bear goint to cross the river bear alaska bears alaska Bears playing with a tronc

Bears eating grass black bears grisslers bear bronw bear Bear feeding around the troncs

Bear eating a Salmon black bear alaska bronw bear alaska Bear around the troncs

Bear swiming in the river grisslies bear alaska black bronw Bears playing in the river

Jul 2008
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