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At last we are in the Grand Canyon, we lifted at 6:00 am, ie 6 in the morning and makes a cold dying, but that is what he played wanted to see if sunrise in the Grand Canyon.

It has paid off, the views are spectacular and Garn Canyon is immense. The only pity is that the cold is very difficult and not down the Canyon, gives us time to download and upload the day, the only way is down quedándose to sleep in a shelter down there, but you have to make reservations six months in advance so we could not get off. We also would have liked to have done but we were rafting on the same had it down, and this also had to be booked in even more time, dammit because if there is to know where you come, if you want to make Rafting must be booked in 2 years in advance.

But the truth is good that we have enjoyed a lot, we had a very good day, we are not going to have snow that is not enough. We passed very well eating some chairs in which we find ourselves, in a spectacular vantage point overlooking the canyon, it seems to us because there were a pole of the Grand Canyon. We have dinner on the veranda watching the sun was made.

Once that was done at night, we are off to our next destination while taking advantage had not distrutar light of the hearings to drive and advance our way. Our next destination is the Navajo National Monument, but we have entered wrong with the GPS and we lost, so we are in the middle of nowhere again, and with a cold ball, we were late and has not found any people , so we parked to see a wall at a petrol station that seems to be avandonada and we put our camp in the car, and so we spent the night.

Video of Grand Canyon
December 2007

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