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There are a lot of different ways to get accomodation, Hotels, Inns, Youth Hostels, Campsites, Houses´s exchange, rent a room, or even sleep in a train, bus, or for the most daring sleep in a train station, a beach, a park, etc.

The place that you will choose depend of to many different things. The first want and the most important, how many money do you have to spend in your accomodation, but also depend of the other different circunstances, like if you like the aventure, for example you can sleep in a beautiful beach, or if you prefer share room and have any common space where meet people, in this case you shoul choose a Youth Hostels, or if you are driving and just you want to stop to sleep anywhere you will choose the campsite option. Of course if you want the most comfortable accomodation you shoul choose a Hotel, but if you don´t want to waste time in your movement you should sleep in a train or in a bus at nigth and at the same time that you are moving from one place to other one.

You can also exchange house with people who want to know your city and they live in the city that you want to visit, so is just like you change your home for another one in other place. In some places, overall in small villages you also can just rent a room in a home, just like if you live with them.

I´m going to show you some of the best places where you can find all these types of ways to get an accomodation.


Hostels, Inns

Youth Hostels If you get a Youth Hostel Card, you will save money

Campsites: Europe and USA

House´s Exchange: Home Exchange
Home Exchange Vacation
House Exchange

And the best of all: Couch surfing where you can let people sleep at your place and they let you to sleep in their place.

To get information about sleep in train or bus, just take a look in the company which you are going to travel to know if they have this facility.

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Lois said...

Thanks for mentioning home exchange as a great way to reduce the cost of travelling - plus enjoy all the comforts of home whilst getting to know a neighbourhood like the locals.

A tip: If you are looking for an exchange in a particular country or city it's often a good idea to look for agencies based there that offer this service for the best choice. So, if you want to come to London (or anywhere in the UK) do check out our own agency, Home Base Holidays, for many great exchange offers. Also, visit our blog for more information about swapping homes.


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