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In my personal opinion, this is the best option to know Europe if you have time and you are student or you have not a lot of money. The only different between Interrail tickect and Eurorail tickect is that the first one is only for European citezens and the second one is for everybody who is not European citezens. I bougth the interrail tickect for a couple of time, the first time I was traveling for a month and the last one, I was traveling just for 3 weeks. Europe is not to big comparate with others continents, and there are a lot of countries very close where you can move easely.

You can see a lot of different cultures, constuctions, arquithecture, views, geographies, etc in a relative few space. So I think that interrail is a good idea, because is a good way to move in shorts distances. You can sleep in the trains and arrive in the morning to a new city and visit it, without waste your time moving. Also is a good idea, because it´s valid for all countries and is really cheap, you just have to pay an amount the first time and then you can use all trains as much as you want.

Also is a good way to meet people in the trains and get you the opportunity to know more about the people who live in others countries.
You can find all the schedules of all trains in Europe to Plan your trip

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