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Trapper Creek is a small village between Denali National Park and Anchorage, where you can find gas. You have to be careful with that because since you leave Denali National Park to Anchorange there aren't any gas station for more than 100 miles, and around Denali National Park the gas price is much higher than in the south.

There are some trails and Glaciers to visit from Trapper Creek.

We in Trapper Creek trails alaska fishing travel cheap We in the Trapper Creek Mountains

We with the McCaley view cover by the clouds alaska River and trees

Me in the McKaley view cloudy alaska fishing bear wildlife We in Trapper Trail

McKaley view cloudy alaska McKaley denaly mountain Trees view

We in the Trapper Creek trail alaska fishing bear free tour We in a trail view

View of the trail alaska trail hiking routes free treking We looking for the bears

Driving in Trapper creek road, tough way
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July 2008

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