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From Canyolands way, we had to divert and change our route, that we were running out of petrol and we were not able to reach our destination, so we had to turn back and look for a gas station. Once we found it, we have to Canyolands course, but by another route, the northern route, and we arrived was doing at night and the road was very snowy and no one in the vicinity so we are left to sleep in a Motel a Indust, to visit the next day, so this day has not been very good, but not good every day going to be perfect, we should take with humor. We have lifted and now if we have to Canyolands course, but like the previous day was all very snowy road, so we were not the best conditions to go in the car, we had to go very slow, which has delayed plans, but finally we have reached our destination goal. Along the way we saw quite animals, deer, deer .... So has been slow but at least it has been entertaining.

December 2007

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