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After the little disappointment that we carry in our Canyolands, we heading Arches National Park. This is the most we came north to be, but not where we turn colder but the truth is that if we are going to fool also made quite cold, although only 5 degrees below zero. The park has quite liked, but in some areas we have made a little hard walking, had enough uphill, but obviously seeing that there were people totally unconscious, which metía their children by these paths, because we continue forward. Parts of the road are very close congeledas iran and so we had to walk with great care not caernos.

In the arc of the most beautiful park, we stopped to eat again taking a privileged few and we have been watching as a father walking with his son without doing much attention to the brink of a precipice by a small oversight that would have cost the lives, truth is that we have passed us worse than the father, who seemed not to care much for your child or give much attention. We had one of the worst esperiencias the trip, but nothing good that can not be solved with money. We wanted to get a photo with the tripod and a burst of wind has pulled the camera and we have been broken, but good as I have said before, nothing that can not be solved with money.

In the last trail we made a little night, but it was fun following a family japos, whose father fustigaba them and carried them all to a frantic pace to be able to make pictures in every corner, and one by one, as if the photos for the passport, the first woman, after daughter, son and lastly him, and to complete a picture of the 4 together.

In addition íban with a clothing unsuitable for icy roads, but not resvalaban even once, unlike us that sometimes we left until we fall directly on the slopes of ass to avoid the drop.

December 2007

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