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United Kingdom, Epcot, World Disney

The United Kingdom Pavilion, designed to look like a typical British village, looks like 1/100 villages that are in the UK, although it could be argued that it is more stereotypical, with buildings based on different periods of British architecture. It has British gardens (including a hedge maze). The shops sell British items, such as tea, toys, clothing and Beatles merchandise. There is also a band called "The English Channel" that performs regularly in the Pavilion. The Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room serves traditional British food, as well as beer and ale. There is also a quick-service counter serving Fish and Chips. There is a sport shop selling British sport equipment, including Chelsea F.C. and Liverpool F.C. shirts.

AttractionKim Possible World Showcase Adventure
[edit] DiningRose & Crown Pub & Dining Room
A full service restaurant that serves English cuisine in both an indoor and outdoor setting. The indoor section resembles a pub, while the outdoor seating is located on a patio overlooking the lagoon. Lunch and dinner are served daily. Dishes include Potato and Leek Soup, Bangers and Mash and Fish and Chips. The Rose and Crown menu was revamped in 2009 to more closely resemble traditional British food following observations by serving staff (all British) and customers that it was slightly un-authentic, containing American food such as burgers-resulting some would say from the fact that the management and kitchen staff were almost universally Americans who had never visited the UK.

A key attraction to the Rose and Crown is the selection of ales and stouts including Bass, Harp and Guinness as well as Stella Artois (despite being Belgian, it is the UKs most popular lager or non-traditional ale).

Yorkshire County Fish Shop
A quick service fish and chip counter restaurant that serves only fish, chips, and shortbread. Drinks, including Bass Ale and Harp Lager, are available. Seating is outdoors only. Yorkshire is very rarely referred to as "Yorkshire County", despite being a county, because "shire" and "county" are synonymous in the UK.

The Toy Soldier: Sells wooden toys, Thomas The Tank Engine trains, DVDs, swords, shields, action figures, books, British police hats, stuffed animals, and quills with ink, Narnia merchandise.

The Crown and Crest: Sells The Beatles merchandise. Including, DVDs, CDs, books, cups and mugs, Shirts, lunch boxes, biscuit jars, key rings and Pins.
HRC : The Historical Research Center. Sells coats of arms, shirts and lets you look at the history of your last name.
Sportsman's Shoppe: Sells football team apparel, footballs, and books about football and Rugby Balls.
The Tea Caddy: Sells Twinings Tea, teaballs, teacups, teapots, and British sweets
UK Cart: Sells Walt Disney World Trading pins, lanyards, Minnie and Mickey Mouse Plushes, Shot glasses and UK shirts.

British Revolution - Band playing British rock music from the 1960s through 1990s
The Hat Lady - Piano player in the Rose & Crown
World Showcase Players - Roving comedy show
Pub Magician - Close- up magic in the Rose & Crown

Meet Disney Characters from the films
Mary Poppins
Alice in Wonderland
Winnie the Pooh

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