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China, Epcot, World Disney

Visitors enter the China Pavilion through a large Chinese gate. The courtyard is dominated by a replica of the Temple of Heaven, which contains the entrance to "Reflections of China", a Circle-Vision 360° movie exploring China's history and scenery, as well as a museum containing several ancient Chinese artifacts. The courtyard is bordered by shops selling Chinese merchandise, and two Chinese restaurants. The pavilion is decorated with ponds, crossed by bridges. Chinese acrobats also perform frequently in the pavilion.

The pavilion served as the backdrop for a music video for one of the film's songs, "Reflection", performed by a then-unknown Christina Aguilera.

Reflections of China
Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

Nine Dragons, a full-service gourmet Chinese restaurant featuring traditional Chinese fare, such as two-course Peking duck.
Lotus Blossom Cafe, a quick-service restaurant serving an assortment of Chinese dishes.

Live entertainment
Dragon Legend Acrobats

Meet Disney Characters from the films
Mulan and Mushu

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