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Nakano is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, Japan. In English, it calls itself Nakano City.

As of 2005, the ward has an estimated population of 297,998 and a density of 19,110 persons per km². The total area is 15.59 km².

The ward was founded on October 1, 1932 when the towns of Nogata and Nakano were absorbed into the former Tokyo City as Nakano Ward. The present administration dates from March 15, 1947 when the Allied occupation reformed the administration of Tokyo-to.
• 1447: Ōta Dōkan defeated Toshima Yasutsune in a battle here.
• 1606: The Naruki Kaidō, predecessor of today's Ōme Kaidō (a road to Ōme) was established.
• 1695: In connection with the Shorui Awaremi no Rei (a law for the protection of animals), a facility for keeping wild dogs opened.
• 1871: The twelve villages that comprise present-day Nakano became part of Tokyo Prefecture.
• 1889: The Kofu Railway opens. The forerunner of today's Chūō Main Line included a station at Nakano en route from Shinjuku to Hachioji.
• 1897: Nakano becomes a village.
• 1932: Tokyo City expands to encompass the district that included Nakano.
• 1943: With the abolition of Tokyo City, Nakano becomes part of Tokyo-to.
• 1947: Nakano becomes one of the special wards under the new system.
• 1961: The Tokyo subway system extends to Nakano.
• 1973: Construction of Nakano Sun Plaza near Nakano Station reaches completion.

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