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Among the multitude of recipes that make up the varied cuisines of Spain, a few can be considered common to all or almost all of Spain's regions, even though some of them have an origin known and associated with specific places. Examples include the potato omelette ("tortilla de patata", "tortilla española" or just "tortilla"), paella, various stews, migas, sausages (such as embutidos, chorizo, and morcilla), jamón serrano, and cheeses. There are also many dishes based on beans (chickpeas, lentils, green beans); soups, with many regional variations; and bread, that has numerous forms, with distinct varieties in each region. The regional variations are less pronounced in Spanish desserts and cakes: flan, custard, rice pudding (arroz con leche), torrijas, churros, and madeleines are some of the most representative examples.

Others foods include:

Arroz a la Cubana
Arroz Con Leche (rice pudding)
Calamares (Fried squid)
Cocido (a chickpea and meat stew of sorts)
Cocido Montañés typical from Cantabria
Chorizo (spicy sausage)
Chuletillas (grilled chops of milk-fed lamb)
Gazpacho (cold bread and tomato soup)
Gooseneck barnacles typical from Galicia
Hake (fish)
Fabada Asturiana (bean stew)
Jamón serrano (cured ham)
Lechazo asado (roasted milk-fed lamb)
Marmita typical from Cantabria
Paella (saffron rice)
Pescaito Frito, battered (sometimes in adobo) fried fish, typical from Málaga and Western Andalusia
Tortilla de patatas or tortilla española (potato omelette)
Turrón, a type of nougat with almonds and honey, typical at Christmas
Tortas de Aceite, from Seville, a sweet olive oil pastry
meat is also a very popular cusine, sheep, lamb and beef are staples

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