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Roman period

The Roman conquest of Hispania, started in 218 B.C. supposed the almost complete romanization of the Iberian Peninsula. Roman culture was deeply assumed by local population: Former military camps and Iberian, Phoenician and Greek settlements were transformed in large cities where urbanization highly developed in the provinces: Emerita Augusta in the Lusitania, Corduba, Italica, Hispalis, Gades in the Baetica, Tarraco, Caesar Augusta, Asturica Augusta, Legio Septima Gemina and Lucus Augusti in the Tarraconensis were some of the most important cities, linked by a complex net of roads. The construction development includes some monuments of comparable quality to those of the capital, Rome.


Civil engineering represented in imposing constructions like the Aqueduct of Segovia or Mérida (acueducto de los Milagros), in bridges like Alcántara Bridge and Mérida bridge, over Tagus River, or Cordoba bridge, over Guadalquivir River. Civil works were widely developed in Hispania under Emperor Trajan (98 a. D.-117 a. D.). Lighthouses like the still in use Hercules Tower, in La Coruña, were also built.

Ludic architecture is represented by such buildings as the theaters of Mérida, Sagunto or Tiermes, the amphi-theaters like the ones in Mérida, Italica, Tarraco or Segobriga and circuses were built in Mérida, Cordoba, Toledo, Sagunto and many others.

Religious architecture also spread thougout the Peninsula, and we can quotate the temples of Cordoba, Vic, Mérida (Diana and Mars), and Talavera la Vieja, among others. The main funerary monuments are the Escipiones tower of Tarragona, the distyle of Zalamea de la Serena in Badajoz, and the Mausoleums of the Atilii family, in Sádaba and of Fabara, in Ampurias, both in Zaragoza. Arches of the Triumph can be found in Caparra (four faced), Bará and Medinaceli.

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