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I was in Mexico Df, arriving from Birmingham, with my girlfriend. We were in Mexico for around ten days and ours first destination was the capital. We were host in a brother´s friend house, Israel, brother of my friend and co-worked when I was working in Houston Marcial. From here a big hug for both because they are a great people and they had a really good behaviour with us.

Plaza in Mexico DF plaza con iglesia en Mexico DF y t Around Chapultepec Forest

Corregidora Street, close to Zocalo Mexico pictures + Chapultepec Castle

Zocalo and Cathedral in the back Mexicophotosctures Mexico coat in Chapultepec Castle

Around Zocalo, Tacuba Street Mexico pictures photosChapultepec Castle and Mexico DF views

Chapultepec Castle outside Mexicophot pictures Monument to the Kids heroes from Chapultepec

Chapultepec Castle outside Mexico pictures photos+ +Painting in Chapultepec Castle inside

Chapultepec Castle outside Mexico pictures + photos Poor houses in the Mexico DF suburs

Cathredral Mexico DF outside + + Cathredral Mexico DF intside + + Chapultepec Castle

Colorful street in Mexico DF + + Nezahualcoyotl statue Mexico DF National Museum Mexico DF

Chapultepec Castle inside mexico MunalMunal en Mexico DF photoNational Museum Mexico DF

May 2008

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