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I travelled to Orleans with the same group that I did to other places in France. I´m sorry for the quality of the pictures but was to many time ago and with a really bad camara and I was only 15.
Orléans is a city and commune in north-central France, about 130 km (80 miles) southwest of Paris. It is the préfecture (capital) of the Loiret département and of the Centre région. Population (1999): 113,126.

New Orleans (originally La Nouvelle-Orléans) is named after the city of Orléans.

It is located on Loire River where it curves south towards the Massif Central.

In Orléans, the Loire is separated by a submerged dike known as the dhuis into the Grande Loire to the north, no longer navigable, and the Petite Loire to the south. This dike is just one part of a vast system of construction that previously allowed the Loire to remain navigable.

The Loire was formerly an important navigation and trading route, but now large ships can only navigate the estaury up to about Nantes.

Boats on the river were traditionally flat-bottomed boats, with large but foldable masts to gather wind from above the river banks but also to allow them to pass under bridges - they are known as gabarre, futreau, and so on, still on view for tourists near pont Royal.

The river's irregular flow strongly limits traffic on it, in particular at its ascent, though this can be overcome by boats being given a tow.

An "Inexplosible"-type paddle steamer owned by the mairie was put in place in August 2007, facing place de la Loire and containing a bar.

Every two years, the Festival de Loire recalls the role played by the river in the city's history.

Joined to it, on the river's north bank near the town centre, is the canal d'Orléans, which rejoins the river at Montargis but is no longer used along its whole length. Its route within Orléans runs parallel to the river, separated from it by a wall or muret, with a promenade along the top. Its last pound was transformed into an outdoor swimming pool in the 1960s, then filled in. It was reopened in 2007 for the "fêtes de Loire", with the intention of reviving it and installing a pleasure-boat port there.
July 1995

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