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Another time for a change we have risen very early, but good so we take the day, is the tonic we are pursuing, to seize the early hours of sunshine there is, that for that 17 or 18 of the dark, so it is the only how to make the days longer.

We baqueros and Indian lands, where they roll movies, but despite that seems desert, well that is desert, which makes a cold hair, and that is that I would not be who has run into this idea of coconuts that the desert is hot, that my mother, it will be in another desert that it is this desert, we only have to remember that this snow. The truth is that what we have gone quite well, we have returned to make a sunny day and we took advantage of cycling by Monument Valley, all in a single pass. We have been nothing less than 3 hours rolling with the bike, but has been very great. In addition it was time for the utilizaramos, which probes the bike wore a beating from temporary tremendous, snow, dirt, mud, were filthy and had not yet released, but it has been good finish. We have also known a couple of guys who live in Barcelona and New York were here, so we did amiguetes.

The truth is that it was a good day, the best so far of the trip. Once view the sunset, and after a very long and tiring day we headed to our next destination Bridges National Park, but before and on the way stop to sleep on the Mexican Hat, in a beautiful home that we hire a good woman a hotel was full.

Riding bycicle in Monument Valley

Riding bycicle in Monument Valley 2
December 2007

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