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I was in Celje in November 2006. I establish my sleeping place in Ljubljana and moving from there to the rest of the places in the country.
Celje is the third largest city in Slovenia. Exhibiting the typical characteristics of a Central European city, it is the regional center of Lower Styria and the administrative seat of the municipality of the same name. Celje is located under the Upper Celje Castle (407 m) at the confluence of Savinja, Ložnica, and Voglajna (with its tributary Hudinja) rivers in the lowest part of the Savinja Valley. It is 241 m above mean sea level (MSL).

The first urban settlement in the area of Celje appeared during the Hallstatt era. The settlement was known in the Celtic times as Kelea; Celts coined money in the region. Once the area was incorporated in the Roman Empire, it was known as Civitas Celeia. It received municipal rights in AD 46 under the name municipium Claudia Celeia during the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius (41-54). Written records suggest that the town was rich and densely populated, secured with the walls and towers, full of multi-storied marble palaces, wide squares, and streets. It was called Troia secunda, or the second or small Troy. A Roman road through Celeia led from Aquileia (Oglej) to Pannonia. Celeia soon became one of the most flourishing Roman colonies, and possessed numerous great buildings, of which the temple of Mars was famous throughout the whole empire. Celeia was incorporated with Aquileia ca. 320 under the Roman Emperor Constantine I (272-337).
The city was razed by Slavic tribes during the Migration period of the 5th and 6th century, but was rebuilt in the Early Middle Ages. The first mention of Celje in the Middle Ages was under the name of Cylie in Admont's Chronicle, which was written between the years 1122 and 1137

November 2006

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