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This is our final destination in UTAH, and the coldest of the entire trip was incredibly ice cream. I believe that in my life I have spent so cold, but the truth is that worth, it was a spectacular site. There were areas that were closed to the public of the poor conditions in which he was by the storm, and unfortunately we could not enjoy nature and variety of wild animals that can be found in other seasons, as black bears, but even so, and with all merció punishment.

In addition to this we derive benefit tickect him, that the output is sold to the tickect a pair of Japanese nationals by half of what it had cost us, so we came out winning two. As you can see we were doing quite well on chorra, but besides these, we were able to simulate ski jumping, climbing slightly to slide on roads icy downhill in a manner that, as we have not gone to skiing what we tried to practice without esquies and make mountain activities, but beyond all that you can see the views of those again enjoy.

Really if you have a chance to travel to the area of the great canyon, the park along with the Monument Valley is the most worthwhile, it is something that is not easy to find. Nature is Huge in this country, that is tremendously bestial, it is all a big way, not only cars, amburguesas and fat, but all things referenetes to nature. The trees are also the largest, the highest mountains, rocks and rock formations, the immensity of space, I am not proamericano precisely, but I have to admit that this whole area of nature, which on the other hand is not merit of them, it is spectacular to see.

I hope you enjoy the pictures that you leave here for and that on occasion of your life podais pass through here and feel the same as I have felt.

December 2007

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