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Rainbow Falls State Park, Hawaii

Rainbow Falls State Park is a 139-acre (0.56 km2) State park in Washington, located near the town of Dryad. The park features 3,900 feet (1,200 m) of freshwater shoreline on the Chehalis River, as well as some of the last standing old-growth trees in the Chehalis Valley. The parks entrance has an impressive view of a beautiful water fall cutting a channel into a surrounding rock formation. These are the falls for which the park is named. The swimming hole just down from the falls is unusually deep and is a favorite place for both locals and visitors to swim.

The park, along with several log structures on the premises, was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935.

Otro complejo de cataratas entre los muchos que se pueden encontrar en la Gran Isla. Este se puede encontrar de camino al Manua Kea, por la carretera 200. Al igual que la mayoria de los lugares turisticos o que merecen la pena visitar en la Gran Isla, esta mal señalizado pero en compensación es gratuito de visitar.

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