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Kolekole Beach Park, Hawaii

Kolekole Beach Park is a Hawaii county park on the island of Hawaii. The park is about 3 miles downstream from Akaka Falls, with an additional waterfall on the Kaahakini stream that drops directly from a small cliff into the main Kolekole Stream as it forms an estuary at the ocean. The stream passes through a rainforest containing several varieties of orchids. The stream flows about 20 miles from an elevation of about 8,000 ft (2,400 m) on the eastern slope of Mauna Kea to sea level. The Hawaii Belt Road (state route 19) passes over the park on a high bridge. The park is located in the South Hilo The name Kolekole means "raw or scarred" in the Hawaiian language. Camping is allowed with a permit.

The steel girder and truss bridge is over 500 ft (150 m) long. It provides the only major road between the town of Hilo and the Hāmākua district. It was originally built as a railroad bridge for sugarcane trains, but after the 1946 tsunami the railroad was abandoned and the bridge rebuilt for automobiles.


Despues de las Akaka falls nos dirigimos a este pequeño parque pegado a la playa donde se encontraban algunas personas acampando. Más tarde nos enterariamos que la acampada en Hawaii es libre, pero tan solo en lugares habilitados para ello. Había algunos chicos pescando en el rio que desemboca en el mismo parque al mar, de la manera mas tradicional, con punzón largo.

March 2008

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